Monday, January 16, 2006

My First Blog

This is really exciting. Having a blog of my own. Even better yet, one about videoconferencing. Videoconferencing has become a real passion for me. I have been involved in videoconferencing in the classroom for over seven years now. I guess that makes me a pioneer. I remember when the voice took so long to travel over the system that you were in a constant state of interrupting the other speaker. Not too mention "man walking on moon video". Then those pesty ISDN connections that never seemed to work when you needed them. Those were the days. But now videoconferencing, the technology, has come into its own. IP connections have made it more readily available to all. If you plan a videoconference it is more likely than not to happen. The programs are better. The potential is limitless. In short, if you got videoconferencing you're in for a fun and educational experience.
In Region 4, part of the NYC Public School System, there are over 30 schools with videoconferencing capability. The challenge now is not the technology. The challenge is getting the schools to use it. It's not that the teachers or administration are opposed to using it. In fact videoconferencing still has that magical allure. Everyone likes being on "TV". No, it is just in these days of tests and timelines, educators find little time to experiment with new things. I see much of my job is to make it as easy as possible for a teacher and class to participate in a videoconference. This means I need to find, schedule, test and facilitate the videoconference. My goal is to train someone or some others in a school to make videoconferences happen. Nothing makes me happier when I am no longer needed in a school.
There are a lot of wonderful videoconference programs taking place in the Region 4 classrooms. I'd like to share these with those of you who read this blog. I'd also like to share ideas and issues with regard to videoconferencing in the K-12 classroom. I'd like to hear comments from those who read my blog too. So, welcome to my blog. Got videoconferencing?

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